Preforming/Compacting machine

Designed to improve your industrial production efficiency

The drape forming, vacuum forming and compaction tables are designed to increase the efficiency of the fabrication process and the quality of the components. They satisfy from the most basic to the most sophisticated requirements.

Preforming machine, standard solution

Preforming machine, tailor-made solution

Our standard range of pre-forming and compacting machines offers:

• A choice among heating plate and/or IR heating
• A membrane with 250% or 600% elongation
• An aluminum frame structure
• Manual or automatic opening/closing and clamping system
• A vacuum system that offers one of the following pressures: 250 mbars/3.6 PSI or 50 mbars/0,7 PSI
• Possibility of adding a compaction trough for parts with significant heights

Cost-effective solution.

Available standard sizes:

Reference Size (mm)
TME/CT-110 1000 x 1000
TME/CT-210 2000 x 1000
TME/CT-310 3000 x 1000
TME/CT-410 4000 x 1000
TME/CT-315 3000 x 1500
TME/CT-415 4000 x 1500

The pre-forming and compacting machines are designed upon request and to meet a specific need. Different possibilities of movements for either fixed or mobile upper/lower frames.

Advantages of vacuum forming machines and compaction tables:

• Sizes according to the need
• Configurations according to the need
• Including heating/cooling groups, vacuum unit and PLC

The HMI interface is therefore available in specific or standard, and it allows :

• The choice and control of the upper and lower frames movements (translations),
• The input of the process parameters (heating cycle, vacuum, …),
• The recording of the process parameters (temperature and vacuum curves, visualization of the process state in real time).
• The system will give access to three modifiable programs (operator, programmer and maintenance), and the piloting of the machine can be carried out by using a remote control.