Thermoset injection moulding machine for composite parts

A complete range for all your needs

TME offers a complete range of machines for the preparation and injection of thermosets resin (single or two-component).

We offer this range for various applications with different sizes and options. Our curable injection moulding machines are scalable and allow for flow and/or pressure control of the injection.

Manufacturer of standard injection moulding machines

Standardized injection machines – TME/IM series

Our standard range offers :

- Mono or Bi-component
- Product storage : 10L or 30L
- Temperature of use up to 150°C
- Mixer : 15 rpm
- Flow rate control : 300g/min max
- Pressure regulation : up to 10 bar or up to 25 bar
- Automatic cleaning
- Supervision

In addition to our range of injection moulding machines, we offer an automated and eco-friendly solution for the injection of composite parts:
SMART Injection.

SMART INJECTION is a solution for injecting resin onto a dry preform (RTM process) by optimising the volume of resin used to the minimum necessary and limiting losses to a minimum.

- Capacity: 0 to 30cL (60cL optional)
- Injection temperature up to 120°C
- Pressure: 8 bars (20 bars in option)

Reliability: automatic cycle
Time: easy cleaning of the SMART INJECTION block and no cleaning of the injection machine
Ecological: no resin loss in the injection machine and in the injection hoses
Reduced cost of consumables: no injection hoses


Example of comparison for an 800g part made in RTM (400g of resin).

Comparison Injection Machine SMART Injection Conclusion
Labor 30 minutes 15 minutes - 50%
Consumables 55€ 8€ - 89%
Resin waste 200g 40g - 80%