Engineering and Optimization

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Industrial optimization

If you need to keep costs down and profitability up we can help you to improve your productivity.

Optimization provides a powerful method to search and identify simulation scenarios that yield the desired outcomes. The latest advances in optimization technology include evaluation techniques that model the random environment.

We are conducting a series of simulations to gain insight into complex processes involving remote shops and 4.0 factories.

The goal of these simulations is to identify areas for improvement and define the actual equipment needs for your production, taking into account your specific requirements or random events. It is an aid to decision making to optimize existing equipment, make the right investments and control manufacturing costs.


Engineering is the core of Techni-Modul’s offering.

- We design innovative and industrially-optimized molds, presses and machines.

- We are experts in process validation and optimization.

- We provide stationary thermal analysis for defining the thermal homogeneity at different stages.

- We provide transient thermal analysis for defining the heating and cooling speed as well as the homogenization time in temperature.

- We provide injection and flow analysis

- All our machines are delivered with tailor-made PLC software developed inhouse.