This very complex process represents today a significant operation in the manufacturing chain. Companies must therefore devote significant human resources to this process in order to guarantee optimal quality of the preform.

Our Kitting solutions allow the sorting and kitting of composite materials. They can be fed manually by operators from one or more cutting machines or with a fully reliable cutting, it is possible to automatically pick up the folds from the cutting tables with a robot.

The goal of TME’s kitting solutions is to save waste and eliminate the risk of human error. The nesting (process of setting up cutting patterns to minimize raw material waste) will be optimized and arranged according to the sequence of the plies.

Our SMART Control solution can complement our kitting solutions to enable ply recognition. This will allow the robot (in the case of a robotic solution) to take the ply from the conveyor and place it on the sorting table. Additional functionalities such as the detection of FOD on folds (“Foreign Object or Debris” to designate an object or a debris that can be found on a fold and that constitutes a risk of material or physical damage).


Designed according to request. Different configuration possibilities according to requirements.

Configuration example :

  • Plies loading area
  • Robot equipped with gripper
  • Ply recognition system (SMART Control)
  • Conveyor
  • Sorting station(s)
  • Supervision system



Standardized solution: SMART Gripper

Universal gripping tool installed on a mobile system (robotic arm for example). It can automatically handle plies of different sizes and shapes.


  • Single standardized module (500x300mm)
  • Modules can be combined with each other
  • 60 suction cups that can be used separately