Smart injection

Our expertise consists in bringing you innovations in order to reach your cost/quality objectives. It is also our responsibility to limit the environmental impact associated with the production of composite parts. With this in mind, we have designed an automated and environmentally friendly solution for small part injection: SMART Injection

SMART Injection is a solution to inject resin on a dry preform with the RTM process without any injection machine and in complete autonomy. SMART Injection is a compact, innovative system with a capacity of 0 to 30cl, a heating of 120°C and a pressure of up to 8 bars.

ComparisonInjection machineSMART InjectionConclusion
Labor time30mins15mins– 50%
Consumables55€8€– 89%
Resin wastes200g40g– 40%


  • Reliability: automated cycle
  • Save time: easy cleaning of the SMART INJECTION block and no injection machine cleaning
  • Eco-friendly: no resin waste in the injection machine and in the injection pipes
  • Decrease consumables cost: no injection pipes

In option:

  • Injection capacity 0 to 60cl
  • Pressure up to 25 bars