Smart Control

Today’s product requirements are more challenging than ever. New processes and approaches are required especially for kitting, stacking and lay-up of preforms and/or composite parts.

SMART CONTROL is an automatic control solution to check in real time the conformity of the lay-up to the theoretical plan.

It consists of a camera system with its lighting and plug & play software that allows control functions such as shape identification and recognition, fiber orientation control, ply positioning, gap and/or overlap detection as well as FOD and defect detection on composite materials.


  • Ply identification without laser nor barcode
  • Quality inspection of plies during lay-up (shape, positioning,…)
  • Increased accuracy (± 0.2 mm) and reliability
  • Suitable for Pick & Place robotic arm or other system (3 axis,…)
  • Fully modular and cost-competitive system (plug & play software + camera system)
  • Replaces the presence of a quality controller for Class 1 parts

Control of plies on the cutting table by SMART CONTROL

Different modules are available depending on your needs:

  • SHAPE IDENTIFICATION : SMART CONTROL identifies the plies, calculates their precise position and orientation on the table and communicates with the supervision.
  • FIBER ORIENTATION CONTROL : SMART CONTROL controls the fiber orientation of all the plies before and after positioning (0.2°).
  • PLY POSITIONING : SMART CONTROL can perform a comparison between the theoretical and real position of the ply edges thanks to the ply contour detection.
  • FOD and MATERIAL DEFECTS : SMART CONTROL detects defects on composite materials, detects the presence of foreign objects on the ply (size > 0.2cm²) and locates their positions.


Robotic stacking cell equipped with SMART CONTROL