Production test and R&D centre

The prototyping of composite solutions are crucial steps in the ultimate success of your project. The engineering team at Techni-Modul Engineering has been involved in the prototype of a wide variety of composite products over the past three decades that helped us reaching a high level of efficiency.

Our R&D department chooses innovative and current composite processes: Thermoforming, Infusion, RTM, C-RTM, SQRTM. 

Our workshop is well equipped with all the means necessary for the manufacture of composite prototypes:  presses, robot with frame or suction cups, 450°C IR oven, compaction machine, injection machine, thermal group, vacuum pumps and means of control and regulation. These means can be rented per day, per week… We can also assist and advise you for:

  • Feasibility analysis of a part or a type of geometry
  • The characterization of a material
  • The realization of specimens
  • Other on request

By choosing TME as your privileged partner, you are assured of obtaining solutions that will easily integrate into an efficient and competitive mass production environment, while respecting the confidentiality of your project.